Awareness of Mental Health Through the Performing Arts (AMHPA) presents

Each film is followed by panel discussion from a principal of the film as well as mental health consumer /professional.

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Thursday April 24, 2014 7:00PM
End Stigma
followed by 
Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse

Suggested Donation: $3.00


Film contains strong language and graphic images and descriptions of violence.


Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse is a feature-length documentary film that chronicles one man’s struggle with schizophrenia and examines the actions of the police officers responsible for his death, exposing a city grappling with accountability in the death of an innocent, unarmed man.


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Friday, April 25, 2014

Holding Cell Poster.jpg


Suggested Donation: $3.00


Film contains strong language and graphic images

Director: Kt Curran

THE HOLDING CELL is the story of one teenage girl's freefall into the harrowing world of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Based on true stories about real teenagers in Sarasota, Florida, THE HOLDING CELL begins as Skylar Thompson is dragged kicking and screaming into the county jail. As Skylar spends the night locked in a holding cell, she relives her dangerous romance with a teenage drug dealer, desperately trying to unravel the tangled web of her darkest days.


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3mates7seas poster.jpg

7:30 PM- 3Mates7Seas

Suggested Donation: $3.00


Film contains graphic language and brief nudity


Director: Loosie Craig


Three Australian men - who, when they were boys, took on the challenge of surfing the 7 seas of the world - despite their average abilities - present the real, warts-and-all story of their 2 year journey. With the best intentions of preventing youth suicide, it's a miracle three Aussie mates survived this international surfing odyssey gone wrong.


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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hear Our Voices.jpg

1:00 PM - HEAR OUR VOICES: Transforming the Children's Mental Health System

Suggested Donation: $3.00


Film contains graphic language 


Directors: David and Patricia Earnhardt


HEAR OUR VOICES tells the inspiring stories of nine children and young adults who are fighting to overcome their mental health issues. Their stories are framed by some of the nation's top mental healthcare experts, who contend that children's mental health issues are real and treatable, occurring with much greater frequency than most people imagine.


A film by award-winning filmmakers David and Patricia Earnhardt, in association with Tennessee Voices for Children, HEAR OUR VOICES reveals the high cost society pays when young people with mental health issues do not receive the help they need. The film makes the case that all children need access to treatments and supports that will make a profound difference in their lives.


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4:15PM- Seminar

Children's Mental Health

A discussion of the Children's Mental Health System in Indiana, other states and abroad.

Troubled Childre.jpg

3:00 PM - Kinderen met Kopzorgen (Troubled Children)

Dutch with subtitles

Suggested Donation: $3.00


Film contains graphic language 


Directors: Ingeborg Jansen


That children have psychological problems has almost become normal: in every classroom there are boys and girls who are diagnosed with ADHD or with an autism spectrum disorder such as PDD-NOS - even the abbreviations are becoming established. To search for help for such complaints is becoming more and more accepted.


This documentary portrays the daily routine of Riagg Rijmond's paediatric department's practitioners. Subjects such as how parents can handle children with psychiatric disorders, the pros and cons of diagnosing and raising children in a modern-day, demanding society, pass the review. How can children with a disorder and their parents - be helped and what does the rise of the number of children with a diagnosis tell us about today's society?


Closing Night
Saturday April 26


Suggested Donation $3.00


Director:  Samantha Buck 


JFK High School, located in the midst of a run-down area in Newark, New Jersey, is a public school for all types of students with special education needs, ranging from those on the autism spectrum to those with multiple disabilities. Janet Mino has taught her class of young men with autism for four years. When they all graduate in the spring of 2012, they will leave the security of the public school system forever. Best Kept Secret follows Ms. Mino and her students over the year and a half before graduation. The clock is ticking to find them a place in the adult world - a job or rare placement in a recreational center - so they do not end up where their predecessors have, sitting at home, institutionalized, or on the streets.


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